1) How long have you been doing Yoga?

I’ve been irregularly dropping into Yoga classes for about 15 years, and have been consistently practicing Yoga for 9 years. Why did you decide to teach?  Yoga has been a healing force in my life and so I was inspired by all that my teachers gave to me, and wanted to share my passion and belief with others.  I also love to learn and stay curious, and there are so many facets to this practice, on and off the mat, that keep me engaged.  Physically, I really enjoy sequencing new creative flows weekly; a student will rarely experience the exact same flow twice.  Importantly, I find great joy and meaning in developing relationships with my students and their practices. 

2) Why do you love to teach at Vault?

This is a receptive community, that likes to be pushed out of their comfort zones and stay challenged. 

3) What is your favorite workout to do in your free time? Any kind of cardio dance!  I try for once a month if I can. 

4) What’s one thing about you that most people don’t know? Hiking is one of my top 3 favorite activities; I’m a mountain girl at heart (here I am in FL haha)

5) What’s the most rewarding thing about teaching Yoga? The most rewarding part of teaching Yoga is witnessing firsthand the transformative power of this practice. 

6) What’s your favorite thing to do outside of fitness? Anything related to music and movement is my jam, but I also really love museums of art.  The obvious answer is of course being with my family!

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