This month, Lauren truly takes the spotlight! Learn more!

1) How long have you been dancing and doing barre class? Why did you decide to teach?  

I have been a classically trained dancer since age 5.  Dance never leaves your body and soul even when you retire.  Pairing fitness with dance in a barre class and moving to upbeat fun music brings all my favorite things together in one hour.  Teaching allows me to have a creative outlet as well as pushing my clients to the next level and doing movements they never thought of! 

2) Why do you love to teach at vault?

Vault is completely unique in every way.  The level of intensity and fitness in each class is incredible to watch.  The clients come to work hard, never back down from a challenge, and have so much fun while doing it.  Also, the shopping……I seriously buy something every week!

3) What is your favorite workout to do in your free time?I love hot yoga.  

4) What’s one thing about you that most people don’t know? I sing and act in addition to dancing on stage.   I have also done commercials and print ads too! This month, I perform in 42nd Street in Fort Lauderdale at the Lauderhill Performing Arts Center!

5) What’s the most rewarding thing about teaching barre?The most rewarding thing is to watch a client grow and progress.  I love when clients leave my class sweating and pumped up for the rest of their day.  

6) What’s your favorite thing to do outside of fitness?

Outside of fitness,  I love to lay on the couch with my husband, kids and my two crazy dogs to watch Dateline NBC (It’s always the husband).

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