Buffy has that sweet, Southern charm in her voice! She is a skilled, patient, dedicated Pilates instructor at our West Palm Beach location. Her clients have described her as “extremely knowledgable and perceptive.” Let’s find out more about Buffy! 

How long have you been teaching Pilates? I have been teaching Pilates for 20 years and started doing Pilates about 4 years prior to that. Working a desk job all day, I felt desperate to find some other way to live my life. My teacher encouraged me to do the certification program and as soon I started, there was no looking back. It felt natural to have enjoyed doing Pilates so much that I would evolve into a teacher. 

Why do you love to teach at Vault? The team of teachers and the awesome clients are why I love teaching at Vault. There is a great sense of camaraderie in the studio and I love being inspired by fellow teachers. 

What’s your favorite workout to do in your free time? My favorite workout is Pilates, of course. I make sure to always include short spine massage, the rowing series, leg springs and swan on the barrel. I also love swimming in the ocean and cruising on my bike. 

What’s one thing about you most people don’t know? I enjoy looking for prehistoric shark teeth and fossils. What’s the most rewarding thing about teaching Pilates? Other than obviously helping people take care of their bodies, the most rewarding thing about teaching Pilates is the exchange of knowledge between the teacher and the client. Just as I am teaching clients, their movements teach me about anatomy… it’s a full circle. 

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of fitness? Outside of fitness, I enjoy tending to my patio garden, cooking for loved ones and meditating at the beach.

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