Real Men do Pilates

There is a huge misconception that Pilates is a ‘feminine’ style of workout, this couldn’t be further from the truth!  Real. Men. Do. Pilates.  But who are these “real men” I hear you say?  Well to name a few; Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Hugh Grant… Hopefully that’s got your attention, gents! Joseph Pilates was also […]

Erika FAQ

Erika started her fitness career here at Vault, 11 years ago! She is dedicated to health and wellness.  You will see her taking classes and doing continuing education, eager to learn and grow for her clients. Let’s learn more about Erika! 1) How long have you been doing pilates/ Barre? Why did you decide to […]

Sandra FAQ

1) How long have you been doing pilates? Why did you decide to teach? I have been engaged in my Pilates practice for almost four years. I decided to teach to further expand my knowledge of fitness. Teaching others is a passion I’ve always had in fitness and Pilates seemed like the best logical next […]

Tressie FAQ

1) How long have you been doing Yoga? I’ve been irregularly dropping into Yoga classes for about 15 years, and have been consistently practicing Yoga for 9 years. Why did you decide to teach?  Yoga has been a healing force in my life and so I was inspired by all that my teachers gave to […]

Buffy FAQ

Buffy has that sweet, Southern charm in her voice! She is a skilled, patient, dedicated Pilates instructor at our West Palm Beach location. Her clients have described her as “extremely knowledgable and perceptive.” Let’s find out more about Buffy!  How long have you been teaching Pilates? I have been teaching Pilates for 20 years and […]


Green is a dominant color which represents nature and forest. Out of all the colors on the color wheel, green is regarded most restful and relaxing for the human eye. Green symbolizes harmony, tranquility, and peace. As a soothing, relaxing color, it enhances stability and endurance. It is most associated with growth, renewal, optimism, and […]

Lauren FAQ

This month, Lauren truly takes the spotlight! Learn more! 1) How long have you been dancing and doing barre class? Why did you decide to teach?   I have been a classically trained dancer since age 5.  Dance never leaves your body and soul even when you retire.  Pairing fitness with dance in a barre class […]

Cloe FAQ

We are so excited to feature Cloe this month! Her classes are uniquely designed, have the best playlist and her energy is motivating like no other! She is known by most people around town and she truly cares for her clients, greeting everyone with a hug and true sincerity. 1) How long have you been […]


During Valentine’s season, we often think of our romantic partner, but this year, let’s reflect on friendship! Friends can challenge us, confuse us, and sometimes, we might wonder why we bother. But friendship is as important to our wellbeing as eating right and exercising. What’s more, friendships help us grow through each year of our lives. The friends we […]

Juliana FAQ

Did you hear the great news? Juliana is now a full time trainer at Vault Boca! 1) How long have you been working out? Since 2008 consistently. 2)Why did you decide to teach? I fell in love with Joseph Pilates’ story and way of life. 3) What do you love about teaching at vault? The […]