Green is a dominant color which represents nature and forest. Out of all the colors on the color wheel, green is regarded most restful and relaxing for the human eye. Green symbolizes harmony, tranquility, and peace. As a soothing, relaxing color, it enhances stability and endurance. It is most associated with growth, renewal, optimism, and balance.

Green generates positive outcomes such as recovery from surgery. One study showed that more people were likely to remember positive words written in green than in other colors. Another study notes words linked to success are often written in green! Green is associated with security and calm which is why the green screen is used; people can relax and focus before watching their show.

The green personality type is analytical, calm, logical, with a thirst for knowledge. They are strategic thinkers and born leaders. They like to be in charge and live life on their terms. They believe in science and base their decisions on facts. Their decisions are often in favor of peace. Greens are reliable, smart, and independent, easy to adapt to new situations, and quickly grasp new concepts. They are nature lovers and generous. Their need for closeness make them good friends and partners; their relationships are based on respect and loyalty.

Green in business represents money and prosperity. It is often used in business and marketing as it is proven to provide a sense of security and healthiness.

Next time, you find yourself choosing green, you’ll know why! In spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, please wear green to workout on Friday, March 17!

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