Vault Vows


Vault Vows are the promises we make to better ourselves and those around us at the studio. (They’re also our studio policies! Yep, we hate rules too, but we have a couple since they will provide the structure needed to make the most of your precious time.)

  • Treat others with kindness, respect and non-judgment, and be courteous and helpful to new guests in class.
  • New clients must fill out their liability waiver and acknowledgement of studio policies before their first class.
  • All clients must inform their instructor if they are pre/post natal, or have any pre-existing medical conditions.
  • As a courtesy to your instructor and other clients, no cell phone use during sessions. If, however, there are extenuating circumstances – perhaps you’re Clark Kent, and need to dash to save the day, or you’re a doctor on call – we can have our front desk staff monitor it for you, and alert you to important messages.
  • Remember what your mother told you: “Early is on time, on time is late.” She must have anticipated the day you would be signing up for classes with us. That said, please do not enter your classroom early. We have very comfy seating for you in our reception area where you can wait until your class is scheduled to begin.
  • We encourage you to be make friends at our studio, please keep conversation to a minimum when class is in session.
  • Bags, shoes, phones, food and drinks other than water are not permitted in the classrooms. Cubbies are provided for your belongings. Please use them!
  • No perfume or scented lotions. Also, please note Vault Fitness and the area surrounding our studio is a smoke free zone.
  • All classes must be booked in advance through our website or the MindBody Connect app.
  • Be aware of the 12 hour cancellation policy in order to avoid penalty. Cancellations are not accepted over phone or email.
  • No freezing of special packages, except in the case of serious illness or injury.
  • Retail items, except socks, may be returned within 14 days of purchase for account credit only.