Vault Barre Teacher Training

Vault Fitness developed the Vault Barre Training Program in 2016 by a group of Classical Pilates teachers, personal trainers, and professional ballerinas, all of whom have over 10 years of Barre fitness experience.

The Vault Barre Training Program is totally accessible to everyone.  Once you take the Vault Barre Training Program, you can go teach Barre anywhere and everywhere! From our point of view, the more people taking Barre classes in this world, the better!

The Vault Barre Training Program course objectives are to:

1) Learn skills required to teach a safe, effective Barre class.
2) Understand how to set up, teach and cue students through a Barre class.
3) Master a set of basic Barre exercises and terminology.
4) Teach a basic Barre class.
5) Pass the final practical exam to receive a Vault Barre Certificate.

We recognize that it is not possible to learn every exercise and variation in a three-day course, therefore we offer all Vault Barre graduates access to Continuing Education in the form of online videos, online workshops, and live workshops in which to learn additional choreography and enhance teaching skills.