You will notice her smile from across the room and whether it’s intentional or not she releases a positive energy that is contagious. Stephanie Fishman is our Vault staff spotlight for September! Let’s learn more about her!

1) How long have you been doing pilates? Since 2005. 

Why did you decide to teach? The opportunity arose at a perfect down time in my life. I love sharing things I love with others.

2) Why do you love to teach at vault? To work alongside such amazing humans/instructors/teachers is such privilege. They are all so inspiring in so many ways. I can’t forget about the amazing clients, too! 

3) What is your favorite workout to do in your free time? Pilates, Yoga and Peloton

4) What is one thing about you that most people don’t know? I’m a certified reiki master. In the last few years, I’ve been into sound baths, meditation and yoga nidra. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up certified in one of those practices as well. 

5) What is the most rewarding thing about teaching pilates?Being involved in others growth whether it’s a move they thought impossible and did it, working thru chronic pain or simply being in a better mood leaving than when they came in. No matter what, knowing I played a hand in feeding their soul is the ultimate reward. 

6) What is your favorite thing to do outside of fitness? Travel and spend time with my family. 

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