1) how long have you been practicing yoga? Why did you decide to teach?

My background is engineering.  I always felt that beside logic and math, my body and soul needed something that did not fit a pattern. I discovered the divinity of Yoga in 2013 in Miami.  My whole identity has shifted and evolved so dramatically since I started teaching and sharing yoga with others.

2) why do you love to teach at vault?

The atmosphere is wonderful. It is a beautiful facility, with such talented teachers who also make their own workouts a priority.

3) what is your favorite workout to do in your free time? 

I still prefer any type of yoga (Yin, Ashtanga, Hatha, Acro) as my daily physical workout because I can be within myself on a deeper level. I also love walking listening to books, hiking, and skiing.

4) what’s one thing about you that most people don’t know? 

I was a highly active girl scout through university, finishing as a troop leader with a guitar in my hands. In my native Poland, the scouts integrated male and female. I led multiple camps, hostel stays and such. Nowadays, I prefer Glamping!

5) what’s the most rewarding thing about teaching yoga? 

I love yoga, and want to share this ancient practice to allow students to discover it, deepen it, find confidence and joy so they can flow into their day with ease. As a teacher at Vault, I get that joy and fulfillment back from students. I love seeing my students return every week, and seeing our wonderful and talented teachers taking my class. 

6) what’s your favorite thing to do outside of fitness? I love traveling, discovering new cities, new landscapes, new local food and drinks. I love sailing with family and friends.  While I am very active, I also love to be lazy and unwind.

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