The Pilates (pi-lah-teez) Method, a system of exercises performed in the U.S. since the 1920’s, is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, a boxer and gymnast who also studied yoga and martial arts. His exercises encompass over 500 controlled, precise movements performed on a floor mat or special apparatus, designed to lengthen, strengthen, and stretch muscle without adding bulk. The Pilates Method requires concentration and coordinated breathing – strengthening both the body and the mind.

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly and corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit. – Joseph H. Pilates

History of Pilates

Born in Germany in 1880, Joseph H. Pilates had a lifelong interest in body conditioning. As a frail child dedicated to becoming stronger, he later grew to become an accomplished skier, diver, gymnast, and boxer.

While interned in England during World War I for his German citizenship, Joseph became a nurse. During this time, he designed exercise apparatus for immobilized patients by attaching springs to hospital beds. This system formed the foundation for his style of body conditioning and specialized exercise apparatus, which he brought to New York City when he opened the first Pilates Studio in 1926.

Joe continued to train clients at his studio until his death in 1967, at the age of 87. In the 1970s, Hollywood celebrities discovered Pilates via Ron Fletcher’s studio in Beverly Hills.

Where the stars go, the media follows. In the late 1980s, the media began to cover Pilates extensively. The public took note, and the Pilates business boomed. “I’m fifty years ahead of my time,” Joe once claimed. He was right. No longer the workout for the elite, Pilates has entered the fitness mainstream. Today, over 10 million Americans practice Pilates, and the numbers continue to grow.

Immediate Results

As Joseph Pilates said over 70 years ago, “In ten sessions, you will feel the difference; in twenty, you will see the difference; and in thirty, you will have a whole new body.” The Pilates Method emphasizes musculo-skeletal balance and focused breathing to give you a flat stomach, slender thighs, lean but muscular arms and a strong back. Chronic pain will be alleviated and you’ll gain a new sense of strength and control of your body. Your posture will improve and you’ll begin to move with more freedom and agility. You’ll feel tall because you will be taller. Get ready for people to tell you how great you look!

The Pilates Method is taught one-on-one or in small groups so our certified trainers can tailor the exercises to each individual’s fitness needs, even in cases of previous injury. Pilates focuses on quality of movement and the individual so it is a system for every age and gender. Your strength, flexibility, balance and concentration are developed through simple effective exercises designed to lengthen your musculature while increasing muscle definition and endurance.

Getting Started

Pilates is for everyone. Whether you are male, female, young, old, athletic, deconditioned, or even undergoing rehabilitation, Pilates can do magic for you.

When you join Vault Fitness, you will begin with the Welcome Special of 3 private sessions. During the Private Session, your Pilates instructor will introduce you to the Pilates movement experience and educate you on how to work safely with the apparatus. After your 3 sessions, you may decide to continue with the private sessions or you may add group classes into your weekly routine.

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