Group Fitness

Athletic Conditioning

  • BOSU Bootcamp : Music, energy, strength, balance, and power. This class challenges the entire body with integrated movements that requires different muscle groups to work together.
  • TABATA : High Intensity timed intervals help you burn maximum calories during & after class. Challenge your cardio, improve muscular strength & endurance using dumbbells, bands and medicine balls while incorporating dynamic movement.
  • TRX Circuit : TRX Circuit will challenge your entire body with this innovative class that works on strength, core and balance utilizing your body weight and suspension training.
  • Tramp Camp : This fun workout challenges your cardiovascular fitness by doing jumps, runs, and explosive moves on your own mini trampoline. Incorporating core, balance and flexibility work, you will experience a total bodyworkout.
  • XTC: Extreme Total Conditioning is Vault’s signature class. Improve cardio, strength, and endurance through this high intensity, always unique workout that keeps your heart rate up.


  • Vibe Ride : Spiritual ride to improve cardio fitness and burn calories. Sneakers, towel and water required.
  • Ripped Ride : Cycling and strength training combined to burn calories and chiselmuscles. Sneakers, towel and water required.

Tread and Shred

  • Tread and Shred : Upper and lower body challenge on treadmills. Walk, jog, run, climb, plank; this treadmill workout is like no other. Sneakers, towel, and water required.

Vault Barre

  • Vault Barre : Total body barre cardio workout, inspired by Pilates and Ballet. Grip Socks Required.
  • Vault Barre Stick : Xtend Barre class with resistance stick to challenge the core.Grip Socks required.


  • Vinyasa Yoga : Athletic Approach to Yoga, characterized by flowing postures and sequences.
  • Yin Yoga : Meditative approach to Yoga with deep stretching, holding postures for 1-4 minutes.