Athletic Conditioning

Core Cardio is a 55 Minute intense interval training class that incorporates the use of Treadmills for cardio, Rowing Machines for non-impact total body conditioning, TRX Suspension Training System for core strengthening, Kettlebells, Free Weights, Bosu, and Jumpropes for the improvement of strength and stamina.

The goal of Core Cardio is to increase cardiovascular endurance, build strength and stamina, and challenge your core stability. This workout will invigorate your workout and take your fitness regimen to the next level! This workout is always different and is great for people that get bored with the same routine day in and day out.

All Athletic Conditioning Trainers are highly qualified fitness professionals and TRX certified. They have the skills to modify or progress the class based on clients individual needs. Please email us if you have any questions at