Hi! My name is Sloane Rosen and for my Bat Mitzvah project I chose to raise money for a nonprofit called Bookfit. I chose this charity not only because my family started it 7 years ago, but because I believe every child should have their own books to read. Statistically 1 out of every 5 children under the age of 18 in the US does not own 1 book.  This charity collects new and gently used elementary school age books and then gives them to children, libraries, and schools that need them. Everyone in my family loves to read and I hope this charity helps children get the same opportunity that we have. Bookfit’s tag line is “reading is fitness for the mind.” I believe this is true because reading helps your brain like exercise helps your body. I love to dance and that is the reason I chose to raise money through Vault Fitness. Please join my family, friends, and me as we collect books – please drop them off in the Bookfit bin the first week of May at the Vault!

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