Barnett’s FAQ

Meet the Barnett’s! Charlie and Sandra are an inspiration! This Pilates duo consistently exercises together twice a week. They work hard in each session and are dedicated to their fitness routine. 1. How long have you been a Vault Client? How did you first hear about us? We’ve been clients for about 7 years. A […]

Stempel FAQ

1) how long have you been practicing yoga? Why did you decide to teach? My background is engineering.  I always felt that beside logic and math, my body and soul needed something that did not fit a pattern. I discovered the divinity of Yoga in 2013 in Miami.  My whole identity has shifted and evolved so […]

Eden FAQ

Meet Eden Tepper, our Vault WPB client spotlight!  She has evolved from exclusively taking barre classes to participating in all types of group fitness and Pilates classes! If you catch her first thing in the morning, she is the one sipping her coffee from a fancy china cup! 1.How long have you been a Vault Client? How […]


Arrive Early Entering after a session has already started can be disruptive. Arrive at least five minutes before class to allow yourself time to get situated before class. Turn Off Cell Phones Take a break from the “real world” and unplug for an hour, and keep the distractions out of sight so your fellow students […]

Client FAQ: Barbara & Marlon

Meet Barbara & Marlon! It’s toss up in this couple of who is the strongest. They have been loyal clients since the Pilates of Boca days. If you’re in class with Barbara, make sure to catch her incredible Swan Dives! How long have you been a vault client? How did you hear about us? B- […]

Client FAQ: Dr. Laura

Meet Dr. Laura, as we call her at Vault WPB! Laura has been a valued Pilates client for years, working out multiple days a week consistently. She is strong, smart, disciplined, and motivated. She has also been very generous in sharing her medical expertise when we have questions. 1.How long have you been a Vault […]

Crystal FAQ

Have you met the new girl in town? Meet Crystal! She teaches Pilates Mat Fusion on Sundays at 8:30am and Vault Barre on Tuesdays at 930am. Learn more about her… 1) How long have you been doing pilates? Why did you decide to teach? I have been doing Pilates for several years and when I […]

How to Cope with Community Tragedies

Because life doesn’t exist without loss, it is important to know how you can respond to the tragedies that occur globally and in our backyard. Give yourself permission to grieve. Remember it is normal to be upset and anxious. Tragedies remain with us, but they don’t have to define or derail us. We can find […]

Megan Bell FAQ

Meet Megan Bell- Meg has been a loyal client since our beginning! Typically squeezing in her workout on a break from work, you will see her in beautiful ballet form, at our barre! 1)     How long have you been a vault client? How did you hear about us? I have been a client since 2009 – Oh wow, […]


After a temporary hiatus, we are so happy to have Ali back at Vault Fitness Boca!   Learn more about Ali!