Megan Bell FAQ

Meet Megan Bell- Meg has been a loyal client since our beginning! Typically squeezing in her workout on a break from work, you will see her in beautiful ballet form, at our barre! 1)     How long have you been a vault client? How did you hear about us? I have been a client since 2009 – Oh wow, […]


After a temporary hiatus, we are so happy to have Ali back at Vault Fitness Boca!   Learn more about Ali!

Summer Travels

How to Stay Fit While You Travel! It can be a struggle to keep up with your fitness routine when you’re galavanting around the globe. While traveling and exploring new places, you never know what a new city has to offer in terms of fitness or gyms — plus, you’re busy having fun! — so […]

Fabiana FAQ

The incredible Fab-Fit-Fabi is our WPB spotlight this month! Fabiana is newly married, highly sought after, and delivers a killer workout in Pilates, Barre or TRX! I started taking barre and Pilates classes at a young age, and I was just 19 when I experienced my first barre lesson. The incredible Andreina Capriles was my […]

Judy FAQ

1) How long have you been doing pilates? Why did you decide to teach? I have been practicing Pilates for 6 years. Having taught fitness classes and trained and coached athletes for over 30 years, teaching Pilates seemed to be the right path for me.  2) Why do you love to teach at vault?What’s the […]


Hi! My name is Sloane Rosen and for my Bat Mitzvah project I chose to raise money for a nonprofit called Bookfit. I chose this charity not only because my family started it 7 years ago, but because I believe every child should have their own books to read. Statistically 1 out of every 5 […]

Real Men do Pilates

There is a huge misconception that Pilates is a ‘feminine’ style of workout, this couldn’t be further from the truth!  Real. Men. Do. Pilates.  But who are these “real men” I hear you say?  Well to name a few; Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Hugh Grant… Hopefully that’s got your attention, gents! Joseph Pilates was also […]

Erika FAQ

Erika started her fitness career here at Vault, 11 years ago! She is dedicated to health and wellness.  You will see her taking classes and doing continuing education, eager to learn and grow for her clients. Let’s learn more about Erika! 1) How long have you been doing pilates/ Barre? Why did you decide to […]

Sandra FAQ

1) How long have you been doing pilates? Why did you decide to teach? I have been engaged in my Pilates practice for almost four years. I decided to teach to further expand my knowledge of fitness. Teaching others is a passion I’ve always had in fitness and Pilates seemed like the best logical next […]

Tressie FAQ

1) How long have you been doing Yoga? I’ve been irregularly dropping into Yoga classes for about 15 years, and have been consistently practicing Yoga for 9 years. Why did you decide to teach?  Yoga has been a healing force in my life and so I was inspired by all that my teachers gave to […]